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I went to the Barcelona airport with Leo, Anto, Daniella, and our kids. Anto and Daniella were busy chatting about clothes, kids (mostly kids), and movies. Leo sometimes mingle in the conversation.

I was the only one who keep silent. I could see from the rearview Daniella’s eyes became worried as she glanced at me.

I couldn’t explain it. I really had a bad feeling about this trip.

Cesc, you’re just being over-dramatic. It’s just a normal trip to an Asian country. It’s not like you’re going to a war or something.

"Finally!" exclaimed Leo as the car entered the enourmous modern airport. "Phew, our house is too far from the airport. Are you sure you’re going to drive back home, Antonella?"

"Of course, and we’re going to Placa de Catalunya before we go home," answered Leo’s girlfriend. "We’re going to see some birdies, right, Thiago?" Their son giggles when his mom snuggle him.

We got off from the car. I opened the trunk and grab my lugagge.

"Cesc," called Daniella.


"Why are you so quiet? Something wrong? Are you feeling sick or something?" she asked in a concerned voice.

"I’m fine, honey," I comforted her as I grabbed her waist and looked at her eyes. She is the most beautiful woman on earth, and I’m so glad to have her as my girlfriend. I kissed her forehead. "I’m fine. I’m just… I will really miss you and Lia." I looked at my daughter and smiled, then kissed her chubby cheek. Daniella smiled at me.

Both of them were a real blessing for me. I loved Daniella and Lia so much, that being away for a week is really hard for me. I kissed Daniella again in her lips.

I really enjoyed this moment with her. Everything became more beautiful as this beautiful woman came to my life.

"Oy, Cesc!" shouted someone. The voice was really familiar.

"Geri!" I answered in a an excited voice. I grinned at him.

He was alone, with a large lugagge and he was trying to pushed his trolley. He wasn’t very good at carrying heavy stuff.

"Where is Shakira?" I asked him, after punched playfully on his shoulder.

"US, she is one of the jury in The Voice," he answered. His face turned gloomy for a second, but then he put a smile when he saw Daniella, as she put Lia on the stroller. "Daniella! How nice to see you here. Cesc here is trying to brag because I’m alone and he come with you, and Lia. What a naughty boy he is."

He became more excited. Over-excited. “Lia! You miss uncle Geri?! I bet you do! Kilikilikilik” Pique produced some weird noise with a weird hand gesture, making Lia laughed as she pinched Pique’s nose.

"Ouch! Cesc! Your daughter’s pinch is harder than your punch!" he said in an agonizing voice, holding his pointed nose.

We all laughed at Pique, as he rubbed his nose and gave a playfully-angry look at my daughter.

"I don’t think you should bring that kind of outfit, dear," said Daniella laughing, while carrying our daughter, Lia. "You’re going to a tropical country!"

"Just in case," I replied in a casual voice and put my jacket to my lugagge.

I was preparing my trip to Indonesia. Barcelona was going to have a match with Indonesian national team. I personally went there a year ago, for the biscuit event.

"Too bad you can’t come with me, honey," I said in a sad voice to Daniella. "It should be awesome. I mean, after Jakarta, we could go to Bali or Lombok. Manuel Neuer went there with his girlfriend, and the scene is absolutely great."

"It’s better for Lia to stay here, in Barcelona. Maybe if she is older we can go there together," she answered with a smile.

"Well, someday, I hope," I replied.

I had a bad feeling about my trip.

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